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Really walking with God as opposed to keeping God at the margins of my life.

I have a relationship with the living God.  It's only possible because of what God has done to make it so.  By His grace He saved me and adopted me.  And now, we talk.  Many times He does most of the talking.  Please understand that I know its His voice because of the Holy Spirit who lives in me and the total agreement of His voice with His Word.        He speaks to me in the morning, at high noon, in the afternoon and evening.  Sometimes in the middle of night.  I hear His voice while riding my bike (actually both bikes) when I sit up in bed to read my Bible and drink coffee, while I'm watching volleyball, football in the stands or on TV.  Anywhere and everywhere there's communication.        The other day I was sitting in the stands at a football game trying to enjoy the unfolding drama.  But while I was trying to watch football I was wrestling too.  Wrestling, not as a sport, but as a metaphor for struggling with my thoughts.  God interrupted my angry and frustra…

Devilish deeds

Grown men will do devilish things to get the upper hand in situations where power is at stake.  They will lie.  They will cheat.  They will abandon otherwise cherished principles to secure position and status.   We love control and are loath to relinquish it to another.   Call it the male ego.  It’s deplorable.  This is why.
      These battles usually take place in leadership contexts where followers are involved.People are hurt when leaders selfishly squabble over control.Trust erodes and organizations and individuals start to wobble under the weight of anger and distrust.      Good causes can be irreparably damaged.Reputations can be ruined.Relational poison is released into the air and people breathe the hatred.It’s toxic.It fills the atmosphere.Fresh air becomes hard to find.
But fresh air is available.  For those who imitate two kings.  One king is a man named David.  Pursued like prey as a young king-in-waiting, David refused to kill his victimizer when given an opportunity.  H…

dumb decisions

I’ve made dumb decisions.  I may or may not have realized how foolish the decisions were at the time.  You all know how we are as young people.  We can’t see an inch beyond our face and don’t or choose not to realize how consequential our choices really are.  One time I chose to join my friends in trying some chewing tobacco.  It was only a pinch between my cheek and gum.  The short-term and long-term consequences were dreadful.  The stuff made me nauseous and I was suspended for a basketball game for breaking team rules.   Some decisions are just dumb.  Failing to see the implications of my choices is often the result of not thinking through decisions carefully and thoroughly.  Like my dad used to say, “Think, before you decide.”      

     God would add, “Pray before you decide.”  Prayer in its purest form is an act of trust.  It’s depending on God’s direction which is inherently wise.  Abraham made some dumb decisions in his life and they’re revealed in the Bible for what the…